What’s new and next for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Clay Magouyrk Keynote | CloudWorld 2022

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At Oracle, we’re changing what you thought you knew about the cloud. Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, shows how this evolution is coming to life with major product announcements, demos of the latest innovations, and customer stories.

Watch Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; Scott Petty, chief digital and IT officer of Vodafone; and Kelsey Szot, cofounder and product lead of Adept, discuss what’s new and next for OCI at CloudWorld 2022.

00:00:00 Opening video
00:01:27 Our vision for the future of cloud
00:03:17 OCI is growing together with customers
00:07:06 Groundbreaking ways customers are using OCI Public Cloud
00:10:05 Adept developing a universal AI teammate to perform demanding tasks
00:17:22 More OCI services to come
00:22:08 Bringing the cloud closer to you
00:27:00 OCI Dedicated Region in your existing data center
00:29:47 Vodafone transforming from telecommunications to tech company
00:36:53 Introducing Oracle Alloy
00:44:45 TIM giving customers more resources with flexible cloud capabilities
00:47:20 Why Oracle Alloy is relevant to consumers
00:48:49 Oracle’s approach to Multicloud
00:50:08 Multicloud Step 1: Connect our services with other clouds
00:51:14 Multicloud in action
00:53:37 Multicloud Step 2: Combine others’ services with OCI
00:53:58 Multicloud Step 3: Improve the interoperability between clouds
00:54:15 Demo of next-gen multicloud
01:04:11 A robust cloud where you need it and that works well with others

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