What Companies Are the Right Fit For Managed IT Services? – Remastered

Businesses evaluating engaging a Managed Service Providers should carefully define their needs and requirements in order to achieve the desired business outcomes. Aligning business strategy with the IT strategy along with properly defining the right requirements are critical!

With the challenges that have come from the Global Pandemic, many companies have decided to outsource #IT #ManagedServices. We have continued to see digital adoption across many areas of business, even before COVID-19.

A recent survey conducted by TSIA found that 76% of Managed Service Provider respondents indicated that the Global Pandemic has accelerated demand for Managed IT Services. According to Jeff Connolly, Senior Director of Managed Services Research for TSIA, “customers are looking for solutions that are subscription-based, scalable, reliable, and expertly managed, to help them focus on their core business.”

In our second episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, Mike Cromwell and Brian DeVault discuss a number of recommendations that IT leaders of businesses including SMBs and Enterprises should consider as they evaluate outsourcing their IT functions:

(00:24) Demand for Managed Services has grown dramatically during the global pandemic, propelled by companies needing to gain more efficiency, enable their IT organizations to focus more on strategic initiatives such as #DigitalTransformation, better enable #RemoteWork, or #WFH, and to mitigate risk of #CyberSecurity breaches.

(01:09) How an MSP should have a conversation with the #CIO or IT Leaders about the strategic direction of the organization. IT organizations today are trying to shift to be more strategically focused on critical IT initiatives that will lead to growth, such as #EmergingTechnology or leading #Innovation efforts to outperform competitors or deliver an improved #CustomerExperience. They are seeking to shift such tactical things as managing #desktops & #SaaS subscriptions to a partner.

(01:39) The types of questions an MSP should be asking to help a potential client define the right requirements that will ultimately lead to the business outcome desired, and achieve it within the targeted timelines.

(02:12) It is important that an MSP clearly understand compliance requirements they must support, such as PCI & HIPAA compliance. A business speaking to an MSP about outsourcing should conduct proper due diligence to ensure that the MSP has expertise in compliance areas. It is also important to understand digital transformation drivers, as well as the business impacts behind them, as they are often times tied to revenue affecting programs.

(02:57) MSPs should be conducting a thorough discovery into processes that are in place. Many businesses have process gaps or those that require improvement to gain optimal efficiency. In these cases, it is important that the MSP be able to leverage templates and past experience to improve upon processes.

(03:39) During the discovery process it is important to define & document the organization – key contacts, roles, permissions, hierarchies and approval procedures. This helps business both by improving documentation & process, but also in terms of improved risk mitigation by closing potential security weak spots.

(04:17) How businesses can improve overall operations by outsourcing to an MSP with expertise, well-defined processes, proven business templates, Remote Monitoring and Management Tools, Software Asset Management Tools so they can effectively monitor systems & applications, as well as conduct patch management.

(05:07) User Management & Password management is another critical area for MSPs to be discussing with businesses during the discovery process. Often times through this process, weak points in the policy and architecture can be improved upon dramatically.

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