Telinta + thinQ for VoIP Service Providers: Your New Cloud Communications Platform

Learn how Telinta and thinQ combine to offer VoIP service providers the ultimate communications platform (CPaaS) to power their business anywhere in the world in our webinar presentation.

Your VoIP business requires integrated switching and billing, plus high-quality VoIP termination, origination, and disaster recovery to minimize outages. That’s Telinta and thinQ!

Telinta offers cloud-based switching and billing solutions to VoIP service providers around the world. The company’s ecosystem of industry-leading partners help VoIP service providers grow their business with high-quality VoIP termination and origination, plus other services.

Take control of your calls and text messaging with thinQ’s APIs and web interface. thinQ’s VoIP termination services are unique, since customers can select from 45 underlying voice termination carriers and have real time access and control over their own account and call routing for maximum savings. No one else in the world has it, and you get it when you combine Telinta and thinQ.

In addition to its high-quality phone numbers (DIDs) and VoIP Termination in the US, thinQ also provides global A-Z VoIP Termination.

As a new partner to thinQ or Telinta, you can enjoy 1,000 free voice minutes from thinQ plus get a $400 credit for Telinta services when you sign up for new service!

First up will be Anthony Stiso, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Telinta. Then we’ll hear from Eric Leon, VP of Sales at thinQ.