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NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) with Jade is the perfect solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you sell products, services, or both, advanced revenue management is a vital process that helps companies accurately schedule, calculate, and report on revenue.

Revenue is one of the core elements of a financial statement, yet there have been many ways that companies have recognized revenue. Discrepancies between these methods create incongruent accounting results for economically similar transactions, making macro-level comparisons nearly impossible.

NetSuite ARM has separate modules for each revenue stream, recognizing various revenues from different verticals and sources. It is designed with flexibility in mind to fit with current ASC 606 and future revenue standards.

Why should you choose Advanced Revenue Management? Companies need a solution that supports the forthcoming new accounting principle ASU 2014-09 (also called ASC 606) and meets a competitive edge against point solutions for billing or revenue recognition. It addresses standard business requirements and enhancement requests, allows minimum customization, and gives more configuration capabilities to implement end-to-end processes to deliver robust revenue recognition solutions to customers.

Don’t let discrepancies in revenue recognition hold your business back. Choose NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management with Jade and take control of your revenue today.

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