How to Run Your Professional Services Business Like a Product Management Pro by Summer Rogers, CPO

As a professional service provider, you are your own product.
But have you ever realized you’re also a product manager?

How to think like a product manager in any business
The 5 skills you’ll want to develop to become a great product manager for your business
Summer’s 8 keys to service product excellence
Why balance on your team is crucial in a pandemic-altered business world

To find out, we asked our favorite product expertess, Summer Rogers, chief product officer at Profi.

Wanna know more?

0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Our Opportunity at Profi
3:10 – The Product Manager is at the Hub of the Wheel
4:08 – Our Leaders Supporting the Whole Employee
5:29 – 5 Skills to Become a Great Product Manager
8:29 – 8 Keys to Service Product Excellence
12:00 – The Benefits of Maternal Leadership in Tech


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