How to Improve WordPress Security, Site Speed, and Email Deliverability with Dustin Hyle

Do your eyes glaze over when you try to work on Core Web Vitals or other technical aspects of your site?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Many of us aren’t cut out to be developers, so its best to rely on technical wizards who can complement our strengths.

One such wizard is Dustin Hyle.

He’s the founder of Iridium Hosting, and he joins the Niche Pursuits podcast today to share with Spencer some of the ways site owners can better protect their sites from all sorts of problems without getting stuck in the weeds.

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Dustin has a long history working in the niche site space. This experience led him to create hosting and site management services that can help improve the performance of sites of all sizes. He knows how to uncover the root cause of issues and, more importantly, how to fix them.
And while they discuss the various ways Iridium helps site owners be hands-off on the technical side, Dustin also provides tons of actionable advice site owners can use today.

Things like the most common issues plaguing site owners, ways to avoid them, and even which plugins to use.

He even shares tips on email deliverability. Offering advice on the most important things business owners need to be aware of to avoid the spam folder.

So, whether it be hosting, site speed, image optimization, or WordPress in general, this interview will cover many common questions and help give you the answers you need!

Topics Dutin Hyle Covers
* How he got into the hosting business
* The process he used to decide which services to offer
* Profits from affiliate marketing vs. hosting services
* How he grew the managed services side of the business
* The services that Iridium offers
* Common security threats from using discounted hosts
* Issues that may arise when having multiple ‘add-on’ domains
* Site speed fixes
* The importance of off-site backups
* Why WordPress focused hosting is important for optimal performance
* Common security issues faced by bloggers and site-owners
* What can happen when your site has out-of-date plugins
* The importance of thoroughly vetting plugins you add to your site
* How Dustin helped Niche Pursuits’ site speed
* How bloggers can improve their Core Web Vitals
* Optimizing images and the issues some image optimization plugins can cause
* Problematic settings to be aware of with plugins on your site
* How Google products like Google Site Kit can harm your site’s performance
* The importance of doing a plugin audit
* Email deliverability and the 3 things that affect it most
* How your hosting company can impact your email deliverability
* Mail testing tools
* And more…

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