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Voip – Voice over IP, Voip Business Phone Service
Voip Phone system – Hosted VOIP, Voip – Voice and Data Networks

Features/Benefits – Low Costs, cost effective hardware and software, simplified conferencing and teleconferencing, worldwide access, for at home or remote workers, Voip provides remote access to voice, fax, and data services, efficient use of bandwidth, 3-way calling, intercom, call waiting, holding, transferring, speed dial or automatic callback, High quality sound

Problems Solved – Cost Savings for Phone bills, Low cost per call for domestic and international calls, easy to forward calls, easy to access voicemail, variety of phone models, wireless, standard and HD audio, voip phones vary from large phones designed for conference rooms, to standard sized desk phones, to small,lightweight wireless models, Voip Business Phone Systems can include Conferencing, mobile connectivity, phones for a call center, interactive voice response IVR), and integration with technology (such as your customer relationship management software). voice and data on the same circuit results in decreased pricing