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Phones aren’t just phones anymore.

They’re part of a complete technology picture called unified communications, or U.C.

It means bringing together and unifying all the ways you communicate.

Most organizations have no idea how vital voice technologies either hurt or help their success. That’s why if you’re working with the wrong provider or relying on old technology it’s squeezing your success every day.

So, how can you find the ideal partner and un-squeeze your success?

Well you don’t want a company so big you’re just a number on a spreadsheet or get lost in their support maze. You do want a company that values your business, and offers world-class UC systems, service and support.

You want Crosspoint Network Solutions because clear communications is good business. As a Mitel Exclusive Partner, we focus on UC solutions from Mitel the fastest growing global cloud communications provider.

Our first step with you will be to determine if your system should be hosted in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of the two. We have years of experience with all three options. And we’ll help you make the perfect choice for your unique needs.

Your advanced voice technology keeps everyone connected all the time with features like mobility, collaboration, and contact center.

Uh oh buzzwords! What are we talking about? Well mobility just means any phone can be a part of your office system. Steve’s working from home in his sweats and Sarah is in Asia. And no one’s the wiser. Collaboration means tools that gets people together even when they’re all in different places on different devices.

You can see who’s available to meet, then conference using video, audio, document, and screen sharing.

And what about contact center? Isn’t that a bunch of people in cubicles? Usually the opposite. Customer communications get routed and tracked for continuous improvement. Customers reach the right staff member regardless of location via the customer’s preferred mode of contact. This dramatically improves satisfaction and retention.

Is this sinking in? The simple choice to replace your old phone system with a UC solution can un-squeeze your organization to grow your success. It starts by exploring unified communications with our help.

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