12 Steps for Cloud Phone System Installation (What Every Business Needs)

Do you have a plan when moving to cloud phone service? The most successful phone system migrations have a game plan to avoid surprises and uncertainty. This video walks you through the 12 steps to make your move to VoIP a success.
What features are must-haves? When should you get a quote? How many lines do you need? After watching this video, you’ll be able to confidently select and implement a cloud phone system without any issues.
1) Identify phone system needs
2) Confirm any extra requirements
3) Perform bandwidth tests
4) Select optional VoIP phones
[Set up]
5) Transfer phone numbers (Porting)
6) Add and manage users
7) Design call flows
8) Connect phones and VoIP apps
[Go live]
9) Verify network connectivity
10) Confirm number assignments
11) Record voicemail greetings
12) Activate extra VoIP features
Follow these steps, and moving your phone system to the cloud will be seamless. When in doubt, ask. Nextiva provides unlimited live support before and after you get started. Call 1-800-799-0600 to speak to an expert anytime.
Snag our free checklist from our blog post that explains each step:

VoIP Installation Checklist: How to Set Up Business VoIP In 12 Easy Steps

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